Consultant and Innovator

Innovation should be a way of life for all contemporary organisations. It’s important to embrace change and constantly seek new opportunities in order to promote your brand and be the best you can. This encourages positive customer feedback and the establishment of a reputation for excellence in housing.

Change comes with challenges but these can be solved with energy and creativity. As a facilitator of change I release peoples’ imaginations and encourage them to question the norm or try something different. The aim is for them to find new and improved solutions that encourage teamwork and produce a cohesive culture to which staff and customers will ‘buy in’ actively.

Some of my achievements as an innovator:

  • A Commercial Intermediate Housing strategy at Sovereign Housing Association which changed the culture of the leasehold service, improved service delivery and generated £1.3M extra income over the next 3 years at no extra cost.
  • A Supply Chain Integration project and agreement with Travis Perkins to operate its own material stores on site. Outcome of savings of £37k per year was a significant reduction in staff costs and improved value for money.
  • A successful and innovative project for the creation of 12 new businesses by residents. Profiled by the National Housing Federation and supported by the Minister for Employment and over 50 organisations.

The BI Team all think a lot of you and have also learnt a lot from you, with regards to approach, professionalism and leadership. You were instrumental at giving the Business Improvement Team a great start when we first starting working on projects in Sovereign. You were open to different ways of working and methodologies, whilst never criticising what we were looking to achieve. By having this support from you it opened up a lot of doors – so thank you.

Shelly Powell

Business Analyst Manager, Sovereign Housing Association